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About Us
The founder of our company, Mr. Temel Dinek who has a master degree in mechanical engineering, began his working life in producing industrial washing machines simultaneously with his education at technical high school.

Between 1967-76 besides producing industrial washer, extractor, domestic dry cleaning machine which was conforming to the requirements of those days and kitchen equipment, also he has taken an active role in technical consultancy and after sale service facilities for the first 5 star hotels in our country.

In 1977 under Temel Dinek Management, Temel Makina began their commercial activities in a 43 m2 workshop and from that date they started to manufacture industrial machines and equipment for laundry sector.

In 1977 our company has pioneered in tourism sector by producing the first roll heated flatwork ironer in Turkey.

In 1978 the first direct drive ( without belt and pulley) middle engine centrifuge extraction machine was manufactured, today you can still find successfully working samples of this centrifuge machines which was invented 35 years ago.

In 1980 the production of completely stainless steel, two pocket with tilting mechanism washing machine has started.

Since 1983 with the growth acceleration of our country, mainly start in the Mediterranean region, our company has been preferred by many facilities in growing tourism sector.

In 1987 factory production started in 4000 m2 modern production plant at Dogu Sanayi Sitesi.

In 1991 our company provided the 3 pocket Hard-Worker (Heavy Duty) model full automatic industrial washer & extractor machine, which can be produce by a few manufacturer in worldwide, to the laundry sector. By producing this highly efficient washer & extractor machines which can work in minimum place with less personnel and less energy our company has given a different direction to the sector.

From 1993 open pocket full automatic washer & extractor machine has been provided to tourism and laundry sector.

From 1999 new drying tumbler models were developed which are compatible with the nature and environmental requirements, energy saving and can be operated side to side From 2000 Turkey's first two roll band heated flatwork ironer machine was manufactured. By this machine the tourism facilities that have high bed numbers and industrial laundries can be provided high ironing quality in minimum place with maximum capacity (650 sheets/hour).

In 2006 to despond the demand of health sector, the first full automatic hygienic barrier washer & extractor machine which provides infected linen can be loaded from front side and sterilization process completed clean linen can be unloaded from back side was manufactured.

In 2009 our research & development department which compose of experienced engineers and technicians, completed the design of new 2 pocket Hard-Worker(Heavy Duty) model full automatic industrial washer & extractor machine and it has participated as a value to the national economy. In 2009 the production of full automatic sheet folding machine which can work with highly efficient flat work ironer has started.

From 2012 our company made collaboration with worldwide manufacturers in the sector to supply systems compose of; full CBW washing systems, conventional washer & extractor machines, conventional drying tumblers, dry cleaning systems with uniform finishing and packaging groups to many domestic-international turnkey projects.

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